As a foster for Dream Team Angels Rescue, you will be providing a loving and safe home for a dog whom needs to feel safe. Most of our dogs will crave companionship, socialization, and patience. DTAR will provide all medical funds necessary during the dogs stay, however the foster is asked to provide the basics for the dog, as in food, bowls, toys, dog bed, and collar. 

​Before one can be a foster, we require a home check, references, and an application. DTAR will be with you every step off the way, and we try our best to mach an animal to the foster.

Remember, these dogs come from some pretty bad situations, and you are there bridge from shelter life to home life. 
to fill out our foster application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I adopt my foster dog? 
We prefer that fosters do not adopt dogs in their care until at least the second dog they have fostered. This is to help allow the rescue to continue rescuing dogs and give them a place to be fostered. Without fosters we CANNOT rescue dogs. You are the life saving piece to this puzzle!! Once you are approved to adopt a foster dog in your care payment in full for adoption is expected within 3 days of advising the Foster Coordinator for your area. This ensures that the dog will not be promised to a potential adopter as we advertise our dogs in our care often before they are ready for adoption.

Are foster dogs contagious/sick?  
Even though we do are best to vet the dogs, sometimes a virus or other health issue may present itself after the fact. We require that all fosters have their dogs vaccinated, and highly recommend getting the the Bordetella vaccine. If your animals are vaccinated, eat healthy, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, the effect to your pets should be minimal. 
To read more on kennel cough click here.

What do I do if my foster animal needs veterinary care?
You would call your DTAR Foster Coordinator that has been assigned to you and your foster dog.